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Metallic Embroidery Thread


Polyester or rayon filament yarn round covered with cut metallic polyester film at regular intervals, the high grade metallic thread is made for embroidery, embellishment and all other decorative applications. It runs exceptionally well with all embroidery threads on all embroidery machines. It is a popular choice among the embroiderers who seek luxurious appearance. 

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Embellishment for ladies evening wear, Badges & Labels & LogosActivewearOutdoor wearLeather wear, etc.




150D/1 Core yarn   12μ*1/64'' Metallic Wrapper

Polyester Core, Metallic Wrapper

40% Metallic Wrapper, 60% Polyester Yarn

Rayon Core, Metallic Wrapper

37% Metallic Wrapper, 63% Rayon Yarn

  • High sheen and brilliant colors

  • Available in more than 100 colors

  • Available packages: 125grams per cone, 250grams per cone

  • Fair abrasion resistance, but break down during harsh washing

  • Certified to EU REACH specially

  • Delicate wash cycle is recommended

  • Generally it should be apart from sulfides.

  • It is necessary to control tension and avoid stretch during embroidery process.

  • Not recommended for industrial laundry applications

  • It is advised to conduct a trial use and then input with large quantities.

  • All embroidered garments should be washed with a mild detergent without any chlorine bleach or brightening agent using a cold water cycle.

  • It is prohibited to put it in an environment with high temperature and humidity and put in a place that can avoid sunlight and fluorescence exposure.

  • Due to lose color of part dark colors, it is suggested that the temperature be lower than 95℃, soaking time be about 15 minutes with concentration of 4≤PH≤9, mildly twist and avoid dry friction during embroidery washing.





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